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When you’re in a breakup, you can’t help but wonder if there are any signs to know whether or not your ex still loves you. This curiosity is natural, so please don’t second guess your strength just because you’re wondering what your ex is feeling or if there are signs to let you know whether or not they still care.

If you are searching for how to know your ex still loves you, then you’ve come to the right place, because we can help.

I invite you to read this article and include your feedback. I want to connect with you – I want to guide you and I want you to feel very sure about the signs to know if your ex still loves you. This is my gift to you so that you are, consequently, able to gift yourself the joys of love – whether it be with an ex you’ve previously dated or even with someone brand new.

The advice in this article comes from thousands of one-on-one coaching sessions we’ve had with clients worldwide. Therefore, these tips and tools are proven and have helped clients and people just like you yield the results they’ve wanted in love.

I hope you enjoy what you read and find it useful.

How to tell if your ex still loves you : the mistakes you shouldn’t make

There are countless ways to tell if your ex still loves you. I will introduce and discuss 5 of these ways in this article. Please be mindful of the fact that each and every relationship is relative and that rekindling is not a “one size fits all” approach. Make sure to take a moment to determine how applicable each or every one of these signs is to your unique relationship and all its intricacies.

1.Social Media – As a relationship coach, I can’t stress the powers of social media (if you are already an active user) enough. My clients often ask me to help them decipher what it means when their ex’s still check their SnapChat stories, or like their Instagram pictures. And, my response is one you’ll like to hear, because it definitely means that your ex still loves you. Why? Well, your ex is still curious about what you’re up to and how you’re spending your time. This is a great sign, because it shows that they still find a lot of value in your time and in your decisions. If your ex goes as far as liking one of your pictures, then it also may show that they want you to know how they feel about you and that you’re still on their mind and on their newsfeed. This is very significant, and really puts the ball in your court. Spend time reflecting on whether you’d like to engage, because you’ve just been given the green light!

2. Contact – If you’re ex has reached out to your since the breakup, then its safe to think that they still love you. In a breakup, when we are truly trying to move on, we will avoid speaking to our ex’s at all costs. Therefore, if your ex has tried to speak with you, or has contacted you since the breakup (for just about any reason!) then you’re in luck. Trust me! However, be mindful of how you go about replying, or if you should reply at all. Do not give them the opportunity to dictate when you can speak and what you cannot. However, this is a topic for another article!

3. Mutual Friends – If your ex is speaking to mutual friends about you or trying to discover your whereabouts, it can really mean that your ex still loves you. Similar to what is listed in the contact section : when our ex’s are trying to learn about what we’re doing, it’s because they still care and it’s because you’re still on their mind. In short, this is a really good way to know if your ex still loves you. This is really important for you to know, as it can give you the confidence that you need to reach out (in the right way!) if you want to get back together. Also, be mindful when it comes your what you share to mutual friends. It’s likely to assume that it will get back to your ex, so make sure that you’re sending the right message.

4. Completely Disappearing – Believe it or not, when a partner immediately flatlines from planet earth, it can really serve as a sign that your ex still loves you. This is because they’ve retreated into isolation and aren’t out trying to get over you. When we see our ex’s posting incessantly on social media, or hear about them out with friends, it can mean that they’re trying to really distract themselves from the breakup and move on. If they’ve disappeared, you may have affected them more than you think!

5. Radical Lifestyle Changes – If you are able (or have been sneakily snooping) to peer into your ex’s life, which realistically isn’t recommended for many of you in no contact (I will explain no contact in another article) or radio silence, you may see that they’ve radically changed their daily routine or general lifestyle. When we see our ex’s engage in such changes, it’s a surefire way to know how to see if your ex still loves you.

Your ex isn’t coping well with the breakup, and has sought out very unusual activities to fill the void of the separation. While this, on the one hand, can imply that your ex is trying to distract themselves and potentially move forward, it also means that they’re hung up on the breakup and that you are still on their minds. For obvious reasons, this is an excellent sign to show that your ex still loves you. With this sign, specifically, be mindful how to approach your ex, as their changes can likely impact who they are and how they treat other people.

why is this important to know the signs your ex still loves you ? 

When it comes to rekindling an old flame, nothing is more helpful than knowing the signs your ex still loves you. Why is this so important? Well, if you know your ex still loves you, you’ll be able to boost your confidence about reaching out, and being confident is so critical! When we question whether or not our ex’s like us, then our outreach may accidentally come off as needy or just generally very insecure. Our ex’s will not be attracted to this. On the contrary, this may push our partners further away, and if our ex did secretly have lingering love or feelings for us, we may be putting them in jeopardy.

When it comes to dealing with an ex and how to tell if your ex still likes you, you’ll be able to better position yourself and handle any encounter with them if you have received any of the signs listed above. It’s a way of guarantees that you aren’t going into the trenches blindly and without direction. I think anyone reading this article can agree that if you know your ex still loves you, any encounter with them will give you more confidence and self-assurance and will thereby go more smoothly.

However, if you aren’t sure how to tell if your ex still loves you or if you don’t feel the signs your ex still loves you are clear, that isn’t to imply you aren’t meant to reach out. Rather, you can reach out, but you’ll have to do so more delicately. We will be posting articles on this particular portion of rekindling in the future, so I invite you to tune into this website on a regular basis.

How to know if your ex still loves you 

Knowing the signs your ex still loves you really come in handy, and so I invite you to copy/paste the five bullet points we listed above to self as a self-coaching tool. Perhaps in the future you may be wondering, “what are the signs that your ex still loves you?” and then you’ll be able to refer to the listed information quickly. If not, feel free to save this link.

The reason it can be a good idea to have a key of signs to know if your ex still loves you is because it can self as a referencing tool. For many of you in a breakup, you haven’t seen any of the signs just yet, but by keeping this nearby, you’ll know how to identify them when you do. Then, when you see them, you will not do anything silly or embarrassing, and you’ll be able to coast through the waters of love with ease. By keeping these tools and our advice handy, you’re making love an open book test – which means you are VERY capable in succeeding in your goal of getting back with your ex.

I hope that these tips were very helpful to you and that it’s broadened your perspective on the ways in which you can identify if your ex still loves you. Remember in your relationship is very unique and it should be treated with care. Spend time reflecting on whether or not these signs are present in your relationship and if they are, spend an equal (or more) amount of time deciding what you’re going to do about it. Learning the signs is just the beginning of the journey and not the end in itself.

If you feel you are wanting to speak with someone to help identify if your ex still loves you, I encourage you to sign up for one-on-one coaching. It’s an excellent opportunity to generate a tailored game plan that is built around you and your partner.

Wishing you the very best today and always,

Coach Natalie


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