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What men like : 3 thing to know to be the one !

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Recently, I had the pleasure of watching a Romantic Comedy classic starring Mel Gibson. The plot of the film lends a lot to what Coach Adrian, Coach Alex and I get to discuss each and every day. You guessed it, the movie I watched was What Women Want. While watching this film, I got to thinking about my line of work, and the countless women that ask me what men like or how to seduce a man. It’s the age old question us women have tormented ourselves for centuries over trying to answer.

Fortunately, I have spent years discovering what men love, and helping hundreds of women worldwide apply these tips and attitudes toward their own relationships in hopes of giving them the strong and exciting bonds with men that they deserve. That is why I decided to give Mr. Mel Gibson a taste of his own medicine and write this article.

So, let’s get going: What do men like?

What do men like : why is this a such important question ?

For most of you, the importance of this question is obvious. To start, for those in heterosexual couples, the man is 50% of the equation. In additional, the happiness of your man is likely going to be a direct influencer of your own happiness when it comes to matters of your relationship. After all, it’s hard to feel happy in a relationship when it’s evident your male counterpart isn’t, right? Lastly, if we don’t know what men like, it’s going to be mighty hard to keep them in a committed relationship with you and push a guy to kiss you.

When it comes to what guys love in a woman, the answer it’s always common sense. A lot of clients of mine, when I’ve asked this question, laughingly reply “sex and food.” I’m the first to tell you that, while I’m sure they enjoy both of those things, sex and food are not the determining factors related to why a guy is going to stick around.

What men like : 3 things to know !

What do men love about women? Here’s a few:


  1. Consistency. What do men want? Men want consistency. Why is this important for you to know? Well, because if you’re a woman, you’re naturally prone to more hormonal fluctuations than men. Ever heard of PMS? Yea, me too. As women, we need to work to keep our emotions in check, because men are much more emotionally stable than we are (please note this is not about me being sexist, as I too am a woman). When we infuse these emotional ‘peaks and valleys’ into a relationship, our male interests may not be able to handle it for the long term. A trick I personally use is 5-HTP. It’s a mood stabilizer that’s completely natural and it’s available for purchase just about anywhere.


  1. Spontaneity: When it comes to what men like, a spontaneous girl is surely one of them. At the end of the day, relationships are meant to be fun. Thats why we got into them, right? By making adventure a habit, you’re sure to keep him excited to hang out and spend time with you. A monotonous routine, believe it or not, is one of the surefire ways to demolish a blooming as well as fully developed relationship. If you have children and high stress professional lives, this tip greatly applies to you. Never forget to remind your partner why you’re the woman he should be with, thats what men love.


  1. An Understanding Approach. What guys love in a woman is for them to be understanding in how they address things that may find upset or dissatisfy. To further clarify, let’s make an example of what I mean by this. Many a times, our male counterparts have a demanding job and they aren’t able to allocate the amount of time to the home as we’d like. Rather than waiting until you can’t handle it anymore and bursting into anger when they come home (or ignoring them completely), try speaking to them during a good day and during more pleasant timing. Timing is critical when it comes to your partner being defensive or receptive to your message.

If you attack him, he’s going to get just as frustrated and in turn, the likelihood of resolving the issue becomes               further and further away. Instead, what men like, is for you to speak to them when you’re both in a good                   mood. For instance, if you’re upset about how little time he spends at home, wait until the two of you are home             together and having a nice time. Rather than saying, “I hate that you’re never here!”, try saying, “I really enjoy             times like this, when you’re home with me”. This minor modification can really heighten his receptiveness to               your message and ideally trigger a change in his behavior.

** If there’s a specific thing you’d like to share with your husband or boyfriend, but don’t know how to go about it, I invite you to book a session with me. Together, we’ll develop a strategy geared toward sharing your message in an understanding and loving way.

Knowing what men want the most is a huge advantage !

As explained above, knowing what men want in a woman is really going to help strengthen and maintain your relationship. Sometimes, the idea of “men are from Mars and women are from Venus” couldn’t feel more true – but together, we can work to assess how to best optimize the bond and connectivity between you and your male partner. When it comes to what men want most, Coach Adrian and myself are great resources to have.

I hope you gained some insight through this article. If there’s a specific topic you’d like for me or Adrian to touch upon, I invite you to please leave a comment. We’re here to help you in your journey to love.

No matter the issue, always remember you aren’t alone in whatever it is you’re going through, and if you’re trying to better understand what men want in a woman, we’re only a click away.


Wishing you the absolute best, always.

Coach Natalie

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