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After a breakup, we can’t help but wonder, “how did I get here?” One minute, things seemed great, and the next minute, the woman of your dreams has exited your life, stage left. You wonder what drove her away; you wonder if she still loves you.

If you can relate to the above paragraph, and are currently asking yourself “why doesn’t she love me”, than this article is for you.

In this article, I’m going to address what is making you feel like ‘she doesn’t love me’, a few tips to identify whether or not she in fact doesn’t love you, and how you can improve your chances of getting her to love you back (or love you again).

5 tips to know that doesn’t love you

Understanding women is really tough, especially when it comes to determining whether or not they love you. Therefore, I wanted to put a few tips together to help you identify if the woman of your eye is viewing you as the man of hers, or if they don’t love you.

  1. One good tip to consider when trying to know if she doesn’t love you is if she wants to stay friends. When a woman in your life, primarily one that you love but haven’t dated in the past, says she wants to be friends, it likely means that she hasn’t developed feelings for you.

For those of you in this position, I would recommend being her friend, and using that friendship to showcase the attractive elements about yourself. Remember, these elements aren’t just relating to physical aesthetic, and also deal with your character.

If, however, you previously dated and now she wants to be friends, then while her feelings for you are obviously changing a bit (as feelings often ebb and flow throughout a longterm relationship of any kind) there is an opportunity for you to kickstart her love back up again. More on this later.

  1. Another way to identify that she doesn’t love you is if she’s in a committed relationship with someone else. After a break up, rebounds happen. For many, leaping into a new relationship can sound better than grieving in isolation, and so many woman and men alike use this approach to cope.

However, there is usually a stage where this new rebound either fades away, or the rebound becomes serious.

If your ex really invests in this new relationship, and so it develops into something she values, then it’s likely that she’s fallen out of love with you. Determining whether or not your ex’s new relationship is a rebound or not is a really tricky endeavor, and so I really ask (if you can help it) that you avoid thinking about that and spending time assessing their situation.

My reason for mentioning this is because by focussing on them, you’re indirectly preventing yourself from healing, and growth is such a critical element in once ability to get their exes back. If you are one of the many readers trying to ultimately rekindle with your ex, then I really do recommend that you avoid keeping tabs on her and whoever else she’s spending her time with – it’ll only drive you insane and stop you from focussing on your own personal development.

  1. A third tip to know if she no longer loves you is if she refuses to reply to any sort of outreach. If she doesn’t reply to your texts, calls, social media messages, emails, etc than this is a sign that she’s not in love with you. This tip is tricky, because I am also a firm believer that just post breakup, her desire to avoid you is normal, there will be a point where it’s just an indicator that she doesn’t want you around her anymore.

An example of this tip is if it’s been several months after the breakup, and you send a casual message, and she’s still not responsive.

* Remember, if she isn’t responsive, it doesn’t mean you should try harder. On the contrary! If she’s not replying to you, you shouldn’t be reaching out. It means she needs more time.

  1. If she’s telling her closest friends that she doesn’t love you, it likely means she doesn’t.

Women as a sex love to congregate with one another, and share intimate ideas and feelings. This being the case – the things they communicate to their dearest friends is likely an accurate depiction of what’s going on inside their heads.

If your woman of interest is telling her best friends that she’s not in love with you, then it’s something to take into consideration when trying to decide whether or not she loves you.

  1. A final way to know if she doesn’t love you is if she’s asking you advice about other people that she’s expressing interest in. If spending time with her turns into you giving her love advice, than chances are that she’s not viewing you as a partner in the long-run.

If the above situation is happening with you, here’s my advice : don’t make it a big deal. If she asks you for love advice, I invite you to passively give it to her and then change the subject. After the encounter, go home and strategize on how you can attract her. If you immediately freak out and tell her you don’t like it, she will likely become less attracted to you. Remember, if she’s telling you about someone else, it’s likely because she doesn’t know it’s hurting you!

She doesn’t love me but I love her : how can I change that

If you feel like she doesn’t love you, don’t feel discouraged, as there are multiple ways to learn how to seduce a woman, and how to be loved by a woman in interest for you.

When it comes to “how to make her love me?”, the first thing to consider is what she likes. What is her ideal partner? Are you this person? If you aren’t, WHY?

In order to attract her, you must learn how she thinks. This holds true for any partner that you’re interested in. You can’t trick someone into loving you, but can you show them that you’re the person they should be loving!

  1. To start, confidence is a huge point of attraction for women. It is likely that she will be more attracted to a person who is confident instead of a person who is timid or insecure. Therefore, when you spend time with her, make sure to show her your confident self!
  1. Just like anyone, women are really attracted to FUN! So, when you’re talking with her, spending time with her, or even wondering what to post on social media to get her attention – anything that is FUN will work. At the end of the day, everyone is excited by a fun person, and people gravitate toward fun people! Why? Because who doesn’t want to have fun!

When thinking of where to take her to attract her, make sure to keep fun in mind! It works, trust me.

  1. A final tip on how to make her love you is by illustrating a similarly between your common life goals. What I mean by this is: women are attracted to people who enjoy similar things, have similar goals or objectives, and carry similar values. So, if you want her to consider you as a long-term partner, always remember to showcase that you two carry common life goals. This will show her that you’re someone she will enjoy spending time with for a long time, and not just right now.

Why my girlfriend doesn’t love me anymore ?

If your girlfriend doesn’t love you anymore, don’t lose hope. I invite you to take a look at the above paragraph, and use those time as a guideline on how to light the spark of your relationship again.

Just because your girlfriend doesn’t love you, doesn’t mean she can’t again. It’s very normal (despite what the movies show) for relationships to go through rough patches. If you’re in one, its OK, just get out of it. You can do so by following tips like having fun and being confident. Try this consistently for a couple of months, and see where it takes you.

If you’ve read this article, and are still telling yourself, “she doesn’t love me anything” and “there’s no hope for my situation”, I invite you to leave a comment for us to review.

We want to help you achieve your goals and spend time with the woman you love most. We’re firm believers in the potential of change and growth in love, and we’d love to support you in whatever is happening in your life.

No matter the issue, make sure not to rush the process. Love is a marathon.

Coach Nat

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  1. I love my girlfriend very much and for a long time I believe she loved me but now It turns out she has been seeing me as a best friend for the last few months, any thoughts? She wants to move out and be apart which is not like her at all.

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