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Finding the right partner with Petra Love Coach!


I had the pleasure of interviewing Petra, a love coach who has been working in this field for many years. She has a very interesting philosophy and helps men and women that want to be happy in their love lives and in their personal lives.

In this article you will find all her answers to my questions. If you have any questions of your own, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

1/ Hello Petra, can you briefly introduce yourself?

I was born in Croatia, where I lived around 30 years. I began my career in marketing before I began focusing on business development. My job allowed me to travel and I had the opportunity to meet my husband, who is American, while I was in Bahrain (Asia).

I moved to London to be with him and spent a few years there, before settling down in Dallas, Texas.

My background and experience of different cultures gives me the opportunity to coach people via Skype all around the world (New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Asia…) I work primarily with native English speakers.

I mainly work with single people or with people who are experiencing problems in their relationship. Much to my delight (as well as theirs!) I’ve helped hundreds of men and women since 2011 🙂

2/ How did you get started in this line of work?

I began coaching because I felt a true calling to help and guide people. It’s an intensely personal profession and I felt ready to give a lot of myself and of my energy to others.

It was a natural transition because I always felt human relationships are at the forefront of our lives. When we learn how to be confident we become naturally attractive to people we have most in common with, and vice versa. It really was something that I wanted to do with all my heart.

We can be happy without a solid romantic relationship, but most of us desire fulfillment in that part of our lives, as well as harmonious relationships in our social lives.

I naturally gravitated towards my principal expertise; knowing how to help single people find real love and the perfect partner. More than 90% of my clients are in this situation today.

I work with both men and women and I think that the issues at hand are pretty similar across the board regardless of the person’s gender or culture. It’s usually a question of confidence and insecurity.

3/ What are some of your core values that you try to convey?

Great question! The first step is always to understand the person being coached. I often ask them how they see themselves. It’s important to understand how the person feels about himself or herself.

Self-confidence has many layers but it all depends on the image you have of yourself. This is why this first step is so important.

The next thing I ask the person I am coaching is, “What would you like?” What is missing from their life that would bring them fulfillment? I offer a tailor made approach to help people figure out what they want while focusing on realistic expectations and on the right things.

This requires making a tangible effort to meet the right person, but I make sure to take some time with each person to define what types of places and activities would facilitate the process of finding their soul mate.

The core values needed in order to be on the path towards finding true love are believing in yourself and remaining true to yourself. These are the best ways to meet the ideal partner and to be happy.

I gravitate towards working with people that want genuine relationships based on respect, honesty and trust – the true values that make relationships thrive.

I have learned that every single person is lovable and deserves to be loved, and you should never think that your bad experiences are the norm. You have to challenge your beliefs and give yourself the opportunity to find the right person and avoid divorce.

I like to be down to earth and honest. EHow to find your partnerach person responds to criticism or honest truth in different ways and I am able to adapt my approach based on each individual’s personality. Sometimes people have all kinds of issues with the world around them without realizing that these issues are actually just issues that they are having with themselves.

There are also some interesting things I’ve learned about men and women throughout my career. Contrary to popular belief, it can be equally hard to find the right partner for those who are considered very attractive as it is for those who don’t get much attention. Too much choice can be as challenging as too little!

4/ What is your most memorable coaching experience and why?

Honestly, it’s not easy to choose just one (laughs). Ok, I remember one man that I coached. He found me on my website and Facebook and he was over 50 years old and had never had a relationship with a woman.

He was really lovely but he needed to evolve and gain some self-confidence. We both worked hard together so that he could become more confident in his qualities, and he ended up finding a wonderful woman with whom he is still together to this day.

This man is the perfect example of how we can overcome our personal blockages and find someone with whom you can build something amazing! In order to do so you really must accept change and put an end to bad habits so that you may feel more confident.

Note from Alex Cormont: When Petra was answering this question; we could see the passion she has for her work. Her eyes were sparkling and she spoke about this individual. I can tell you that not only is she a true professional; her work truly is her passion!

5/ What is the best piece of advice that you can give to men or women?

The first piece of advice that I can give it to always invest in yourself. You really must work on your personal happiness and on your self-confidence, and to accept yourself the way you are today. Everything you do in order to meet someone or to be in a relationship directly reflects who you are inside.

I really invite you to focus on yourself and on your Happiness. Reconnect with your values and put everything in place in order to life your life to the fullest.

This really is the best tool for attracting your perfect match and to create a long lasting and fulfilling relationship.
You’re going to take control of your love life by bringing out your best.

Most people search for a magic solution without realizing that this simply doesn’t exist… unless you learn to always put your best foot forward and love yourself.

What is the point of playing a role for the rest of your life?

When you’re comfortable in your own skin and you know that you have something amazing to offer, you attract great matching partners with ease.

Petra offers many services and to take advantage of all she has to offer, we suggest that you follow her Private Coaching Program that also includes an 8-week online course.

This program will help you to take control of your love life and it is composed of four modules revolving around understanding yourself, loving yourself, and making yourself happy. You will learn how to use these tools in order to find the love of your life.

It will help you to find The One, but also can help you to ensure that you’ll have a solid love life free of the emotions and issues that caused problems in the past.

Petra also offers personal accompaniment, especially if you want to bounce back from a break up, get over common fears like rejection or getting hurt, and take control of your life. She offers a one on one coaching sessions here

Yes, finding the right partner is possible! Don’t hesitate to visit her site for more information or to get in touch directly with her via email.


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