I had the pleasure of meeting Lisa Concepcion, a Love Coach in Miami. She helps both men and women find love or to save their relationship. I found out about her thanks to her many unique videos and I was very drawn to her personality. Lisa’s charm and charisma will help you make the best aspects of your personality shine. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, you deserve to have the love life you’ve always dreamed of.

This person can provide you with exactly what you need so don’t hesitate to visit her website by clicking here:

1/ Why do you refer to a marketing approach to love ? What is the main idea or philosophy behind this concept?

Hello Alex and everybody.

My background is in marketing. I have over 20 years experience making brands and people stand out. I saw that when it comes to love people have to continuously value who they are and share their perceived value with someone.

People have to be clear on what makes themselves special and worthy of love. I also noticed that when it comes to dating or meeting people it’s all about marketing yourself. Your opening line, how you’re dressed, how you speak, it’s all sending a message to others just as a brand or product does. You’re selling who you are and what you’re offering.

That’s marketing! Finally communication both verbal and nonverbal is incredibly important to master.

Initially LoveQuest Marketing was focusing on personal branding for love but as I evolved in my own LoveQuest journey I started to study the work of Abraham Hicks who teaches law of attraction. I include the teachings of Abraham Hicks into my workshops. I’m now able to help people understand what their point of attraction is and what message they’re sending out based on what they’re attracting.

2/ What is your main advice for women who want to find love but dont have a lot of time to dedicate to their quest?

That they should focus on what’s wanted instead of what isn’t. Then they should do whatever it takes to be happy. When they are loving themself unconditionally then they’ll attract someone who they can love unconditionally. Mastering unconditional living means not needing something or someone to be a certain way to make you happy. It means your vibe is steady regardless of what reality you may be experiencing. They should also know that their thoughts create their reality. Having a negative perception of men or dating only attracts more negative experiences with men and bad dates.

First get positive and happy. Then focus on the kind of man you want. Then believe he is on his way to you. Then be open to his arrival.

3/ What was your most powerful experience while coaching or in public speaking ? And why ?

I was doing a group session and at the end of it a girl who was quiet and didn’t really participate came up to me and thanked me for sharing my own story. She admitted she too was living a very conditional life and despite saying she was open to love, she admitted she wasn’t loving and kind to herself. She told me she’s changing her game. She quit smoking, stopped drinking alcohol, hired a fitness trainer, dedicated 90 days to her well being and didn’t date at for love

She felt amazing, lost 20 pounds in 3 months, and got a bonus at work which paid for a vacation. She normally would blow it on a handbag or clothes but instead she went to a wellness spa in Arizona, hiked, worked out, slept well, ate well and healed herself inside and out.

She credited the session with me as the inspiration towards finally making her love for herself top priority.

4/ What is the main issue in today’s society when is comes to love and relationships ?

People hold the other person responsible for their happiness which leads to conditional love. When we need conditions to be different for us to be happy, we enter a trap.

5/ What was your main objective when you started this wonderful company ?

I wanted to be the female Tony Robbins of relationships. I wanted to uplift people and turn them onto their own personal power. I also knew my own LoveQuest journey would resonate with others. I figured I can make my message and as I help others, I also learn, heal and grow.

If you want to see more, you can watch this video on my YouTube Channel!

What products can I recommend for man or woman ?

I’m a fan of the 90 Day Post Break Up Detox Workshop. Getting over a breakup of a significant relationship, one that rattled you, is rough. A lot of people look outside of themselves to forget or distract themselves. All that does is recreate the same thing with another person. The 90 Day Post Break Up Detox Workshop calls for a full focus on self love.

I share various tools and journal prompts, guided meditations, other quick audio clips that helped me during my own Post Break Up Detox. I use these tools still to this day and they help me in my primary relationship; the one with myself.

The people who give their all to the workshop emerge transformed. They come away clearer and more focused on attracting exactly what they want.

If you want to take control of your life and to realize how happy you could truly be, don’t wait a second longer before contacting Lisa via her website!

As a French love coach, I can attest to the importance of releasing your inner seductress or Casanova. Lisa is a woman who can help you naturally reach your full potential. You will no longer have to wear a mask or play a role and from now on the most important thing is YOU.

I’d like to conclude this article by thanking Lisa for her time and kindness. There is nothing more amazing than exchanging with other professionals that love this job about woman seduction. You can find her on Facebook


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