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How to get your ex wife back: 5 pro tips to win her back!


Maintaining a relationship is never easy to do. In truth, living with someone of the opposite sex and making sure that the love never fizzles out isn’t always a piece of cake. That said, the joy you feel is completely worth the efforts you have to make. Nevertheless not everything is always perfect and problems can arise in your relationship.

So did you end up separating and are you devastated that your wife has left you? You wish that you would have done some things differently in order to ensure that she would have stayed by your side? Are you living in the past and regretting decisions and actions that may have caused her to leave? Are you dying to how to get your ex wife back? If you answered yes to any of these questions then this article is for you, andyou have come to the right place.

These days men and women have the tendency to break up very quickly when it’s still possible to save the relationship. A few compromises and sacrifices would have been enough… Way too many people decide to separate after just a few days of disagreement and they don’t give their love story another chance. But when problems have existed for a long time, it is more understandable (and unfortunately more probable) that two people would separate.
That said, it doesn’t mean that you should just cross your arms and let the woman you love walk out the door for good. Asking yourself how can I get my wife back or figuring out how to make her love you again is far from impossible. All you have to do is avoid making mistakes and find pertinent and impactful actions. When you’re faced with this situation, you often feel like you’ll never find love again and you wonder if you should even try to get your wife back.

You start feeling a lot of doubt and emotions can easily take the reigns and control you and your actions. If this is the case, you have to change your attitude as soon as possible, and know that I am here to help guide you. Maybe you hadn’t thought about calling on a love coach to save your relationship… But if you’re wondering how you’re going to be able to succeed in making her come back, you’ll need some help.

You were going to do it alone but the situation is getting out of control and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. We’ve already helped over 15,000 people so if it’s any reassurance, you’re not the first nor the last person to find themselves in this situation! The first step to getting ahead is designing a good strategy, and you’ll learn how to do so in this article on how to get my ex wife back.

Get your ex wife back after a breakup or a big fight? The difference is huge…

Before you can know what strategy to adopt, you have to understand what kind of situation you’re currently in because this will determine what actions you’re going to have to carry out. It’s very important to make the distinction between a big fight and a separation.

If it was “just” a fight, even if the tensions are extremely high and communication has been severed, you still have an advantage even if “I’m leaving you” was said because it was said in the heat of the moment. This changes a great deal of things when it comes to getting ex wife back.

A separation is something very difficult to go through so never threaten your ex with it in hopes of getting a reaction. The consequences are considerable and this would be playing with fire. If your wife is the one that wants to leave, you will have to follow guidelines to the T and reestablish an affinity between you, then attraction and then emotions. There is a very specific plan of action to follow whether you have already separated, or if you are in the middle of a terrible fight.

How to get your ex wife back: Introspection and Focusing on Yourself

Sometimes people focus so much on wanting their ex back that they forget to take a look at themselves and identify what needs to change. It’s not a question of pride; it’s more that the person is so emotionally distraught that they’re just putting all their energy and focus on the fact that they want their wife to come back. The truth is that if you you want to win back your ex wife, you’ll have to ask yourself some honest questions and design solutions that allow you to take charge and change the situation…

Identify the reasons why she decided to leave

The first step in the healing and reconciliation process is to take a long look in the mirror and to be honest with yourself in order to identify why your wife decided to leave you. This is called the “self-reflection period.” It will enable you to come to terms with the separation, as well as identify the aspects of your life that you wish to change in order to become a better person, and a more compelling partner.

The goal here is not to engage in self-pity and feel sorry about your situation. It is just simply a mechanism to enable you to understand the past relationship from your partner’s point of view, as well as identify what changes you need to make in your life to become the person that you truly want to be.

How to get a woman back: Stop living in the past

Once you have completed the first step of our healing process, it is of utmost importance that you stop dwelling on the past. Re-hashing your previous relationship over and over again will not help you with getting an ex back. On the contrary it will only prevent you from taking the necessary steps to look forward and to start rebuild yourself. This realization may actually be the most crucial in the entire recovery process.

Often times people do not let themselves move on and continuously torture themselves. Nothing can be more detrimental to winning back your ex as feeling sorry for yourself and trying to revive a failed relationship. Take our advice for it, once you have identified what went wrong, you simply need to look forward and move on as you start making the necessary changes.

Win your ex back: Step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself on a daily basis

The best way to stay in the present moment is to focus on the things that you can control. Step 1 has enabled you to identify aspects of your life that you wish to change or improve upon to become a better and more loveable person. The idea here is to convert those elements into measurable goals and to be accountable to them on a daily basis.
For example, let’s say that you have decided to be more social; you could set the goal to engage in a conversation with a total stranger at least once every day for a certain time period (of at least 3 weeks). If you want to be more how to win back my ex wifeloving or compassionate; you could set your sights on doing a kind gesture at least once a day, this could be as simple as doing a favor for a friend or holding the door for a colleague at work.

The key element here is to be consistent and to be accountable. Before you know it, you will be living in the present moment, and looking to become a better person on a daily basis instead of focused on your sorrows and living in the past!

Crucial steps for how to get your ex woman back

Of course each relationship is very different and the reasons behind why a woman would chose to leave can vary, and after having coached so many people during their separation I’ve been able to note some common denominators. One of the most common culprits is the dreaded The Routine. This is one of the worst things in a relationship, especially when you take your wife for granted and you neglect her. Even when your relationship is officially over after infidelity, distance, or anything else, you have to know that boredom, bad habits, and routine play a big role in this tough decision.

How to win back my ex wife: Stopping the routine!

If you’re familiar with my philosophy you know that this is why I always insist on working on making changes on a daily basis just after the breakup. It is precisely this type of evolution that will permit you to get back together with your wife.

By adopting a new attitude, you’re going to send a new image to your ex and they will feel more inclined to start something new with you!
When you’re faced with this kind of situation, you have to erase the past and show your ex-partner that you want to forget the relationship you had before so that you can create a new and improved one. Of course you have to do this with tact and not be too direct; otherwise you’ll foil your plan.

As I often say, you have to fly under the radar while trying to get back together with your ex. If she is the one that left you, then she had her reasons and you therefore have to propose something completely different from the past. It goes without saying that you should hold on to the good things, but you should get rid of all the rest…
In order to do this, you can use a very efficient technique that is called radio silence or the no contact rule. This is a key step in your personal reconstruction that will allow you to think about the actions you need to carry out in order to rekindle the flame with your wife and show her that you can be the man of her dreams.

If your goal is to win back your ex-wife and start anew, this step is of paramount importance. I cannot stress enough how crucial it is for you to NOT contact your ex before the time is right.

The mistake that 90 percent of people make in trying to get back with an ex-lover is pleading or begging to be taken back. This will only reinforce the desire of your ex-wife to want space and comfort her in her decision to have left in the first place…

How can I get my wife back by using distance?

I just mentioned one of the most potent techniques for getting your ex back, the no Contact Rule. You are probably wondering what this method of cutting all ties with your ex-wife is doing in this article about communication…

It’s simply because communication doesn’t always have to be verbal.

You don’t need to send her a million text messages to get her back. After having coached thousands of people since 2007, we can share something with you; we have not encountered one person that has gotten back together with their significant other by being overly present! So the more you hover over her, the more she will want to get away from you. It’s mechanical! When getting ex love back, giving her space to breathe is essential.
What’s more, if she comes back to you it has to be her decision. Making her feel forced or pressured will not help the situation…

This is why RS is so great. It keeps you from making any mistakes and being oppressive. You will be able to discretely show that you can live without hovering over your ex.

Maybe you live under the same roof and you’re thinking that making distance between you is impossible. The good news is that there are many different types of RS and all you have to do it adapt it to your personal situation. We’ve written an eBook explaining the different ways you can use Radio Silence, and it even works in situations that you think are hopeless. If you want things to change with your wife, don’t wait any longer before learning more because the clock is ticking. The more time passes, the farther away your wife becomes.

A solid couple is one that can communicate, that knows each other like the back of their hand, and if you want to rekindle your wife’s feelings for you you’re going to have to face the problems you were having and find solutions.

A bonus tip from the coach for how to win back your ex wife!

It’s important to understand that radio silence isn’t going to be the solution to all the issues that could exist in your relationship. I often get messages from men saying, “I’ve cut contact, I’ve blocked her on Facebook, but she’s not coming back!” RS isn’t just cutting communication and not doing anything else! You have to accompany it with precise, pertinent actions that will spark her curiosity so that she feels the desire to get closer again, little by little. You can do this both with physical change as well as with change in your attitude.

Side note: If on the other hand, your relationship is facing a crisis, you haven’t actually broken up yet, and you’re just going through a rough patch, radio silence is NOT the best option.

In fact it could enhance bitterness, and communication is much more useful provided you do it properly. It’s not enough to say, “Honey, let’s sit down and talk about our problems.” This is more likely to get on her nerves, especially if you’ve already had countless conversations about the issues and haven’t fixed anything. Your wife needs more than that so today you’re going to have to get on the same page. You can’t rekindle the flame within just a few days and you’ll have to make a valiant effort if you really want her back in your arms.

Sooner or later, if your wife hasn’t made the first step, you’ll have to set into motion some actions that will end your radio silence, or you’ll have to make her notice that you’ve understood her. This can be direct or indirect but she will need a pretty strong sign. A handwritten letter is one of the best techniques when you want to know how to get your ex wife back, and you can use it to communicate to her how you feel, that you’ve understood the reasons behind the breakup, and to tell her what you can provide her with some here on out.

Understand that if you are asking yourself how can I get my wife back, the answer is not just about being forgiven or showering her with extravagant gifts. It’s about providing solutions to the problems and you’ll be able to do this in the letter you write to her.

But be careful… After having suggested them, it’s imperative that you prove to your wife that you’re able to make the necessary efforts on for the long run! Empty words are more detrimental than you might think; especially in such a fragile period.

Seize the moment, it IS possible to get your ex-wife back!

If you follow these steps and listen to our tips, the dream to win back your ex will come. Once this occasion presents itself, it is crucial that you truly change, because your ex-wife will be able to tell if you are merely pretending or playing a role to try and impress her!

In order to ensure that it is the case, after a separation you must quickly analyze what changes you wish to make in your life, stop living in the past, and challenge yourself on a daily basis while staying accountable to your new objectives.

This process will enable your ex-wife to envision a new relationship and project a future where she can be feel happy and fulfilled by your side for you will have become a new man.

The key to recovering a lost love and to winning her back is not merely salvaging a broken relationship, but creating a new one, independent from the negativity of your previous love story!


Your love coach, here to help you get your ex wife back
Alex Cormont & Christina

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Finding the one

How to seduce a younger man: What you need to know!

attract youger man

In today’s day and age, the term cougar has become a totally normal part of our vocabulary. Women are beginning to broaden their horizons in the dating world and are no longer being bound by out-dated notions of having to remain within your age group when looking for a partner. There is a new sense of freedom as well as power, and you are realizing that it sounds like fun to be a beautiful exotic creature prowling the concrete jungle looking for something fresh and exciting…

A lot of people become discouraged when wondering how to seduce a younger man because they somehow get it into their head that you have to be Demi Moore or Madonna. The simple truth is that the more confident you are, the more attractive you are in all aspects. In this article I will share some tips with you on how to catch the eye of any younger guy and make him beg for more.

It’s exciting to think about all the possibilities that are a available to you when you’re single. All the doors are open to you and you’re realizing that you’d like to try something new. You maybe haven’t been with a younger guy since you were the same age and you haven’t forgotten how fun it was. Or perhaps you realize you maybe actually have forgotten and you want to open that door again. Let’s look at the Dos and Don’ts of attracting a younger guy and what to expect!

Older women younger guys: Is it possible for them to date?

This might be the very question that brought you to this article, and rest assured: there is nothing stopping older women from dating younger guys! A lot of women wonder how to attract a younger man and then stop and wonder if it’s actually even possible for a younger guy to fall for them. By the way, if you want to read an in-depth article on How to Seduce a Man, read this one without further ado!

I know a woman who is interested in her younger colleague at work. They flirt, they get along, and she’s realizing that there’s one very important thing she hasn’t done yet. She’s not used to going after younger guys, but the moment she realized this she knew how to get in control of the situation.

It’s actually really simple and I’m about to let you in on a big secret. Well, it’s not really a secret but it’s a pretty great thing to know…

When seducing a younger man, the most important thing to do is to actually show him that you’re interested. He may very well think that it’s all just fun and games because after all, he might not expect an amazing older woman such as yourself to be interested in a younger dude such as himself. But if he realized you were actually attracted to him, he’d bite.

There’s something undeniably sexy about an older woman. She’s got experience, she’s got class, and after all, age is nothing but a number. A person’s age is perceived partially by their appearance, but also by the way they act. You have more to offer than women of his age because you’ve had experience and you know exactly who you are and what you want.

But if you are attracted to younger man and you want him to know, then show him! I’ll share some techniques on how to do this in a moment. Don’t get self-conscious and start acting the way you think a person is “supposed” to act at a specific age. You are completely free to do what makes you happy and to pursue whatever excites you, so get out there and do it! So, let’s get started.

Older women attracted to younger men: Who’s your target?

So do you have your eye on one guy in particular or are you just ready to joining the older girls dating younger guys club?

You’ve undoubtedly noticed that younger men today are from a new, and very different generation. They’ve grown up with working moms and can really appreciate the allure of a powerful woman. Their older counter parts grew up with a different reality, and unfortunately some of them still struggle with their relationships with women today. One of the many reasons why older women date younger men is that they are very attracted to the younger generation’s progressive attitude and outlook on life.older woman seducing younger man

Perhaps you’re ready to experience what it’s like to be with someone with a more open mind and a fresher outlook on life, but you’re wondering where to start. Or maybe you’ve got your eye on someone you know… Perhaps a colleague or someone you often run into.

If you’re looking to get in the dating game and find a younger guy, you can start by going out and meeting new people in places where there are young people. Sure, you can meet a younger guy at a bar, but you can be a bit more creative to make him kiss you!

I’ll let you in on something else, if you set your mind of meeting someone new and younger than you, you don’t really have to go out of your way. Just do things that you really enjoy doing, be proactive and outgoing, and you’ll meet more and more people. Chances are you’ll come across someone that sparks your interest in no time. The trick is to be active and open to it.

The Do’s and Don’ts when you want to know how to seduce a younger man

When some people think about how to seduce a younger man, they fear that it’s nearly impossible, but I am here to tell you that that’s nonsense! You have everything it takes to make a younger guy fall for you! You’re looking to share something exciting and new with someone. Who wouldn’t want that…?

If you’re having trouble reading whether or not your love interest in actually interested, or if you’re wondering how to make him fall for you, get in touch with us here and we will happy to give all the guidance you need!

So let’s look at how to get the ball rolling and start dating a younger guy.

The Do’s for older women dating younger guys

The very first thing you’ve got to do whether you’ve got your eye on someone in particular or you’re just wondering how to seduce a younger man in general is to put yourself out there! You’ve got the be open to the possibility if you’re going to let it into your life.

Why do I say this? Because all too often I have seen women who are absolutely interested in dating a younger guy convince themselves that it will never happen. Then what? Well when an eligible guy comes along, the woman just thinks, “Well, it won’t happen anyway,” and her body language completely changes. The guy then feels no invitation and then surprise! Nothing happens.

Once you meet someone interesting, or begin speaking with the guy you like, don’t be afraid to flirt with him. Have fun with it, but remember, the most important thing is going to be your confidence! Show him that you love who you are, and that you’re living an amazing life. It’s impossible for him to not become intrigued. Speak with experience… Act like you have all the answers but you’re not going to share yet.

Tease him! Bring your body language into play. Look him square in the eyes and don’t hide a knowing smirk. Touch his arm when you’re laughing and maintain direct eye contact when you’re speaking.

The Don’ts for older women with younger man

Above I mentioned speaking with experience. Be careful with this because there’s a fine line between showing him that you’re knowledgeable and being patronizing! Make sure you never talk down to him or make him feel like a child, because there’s nothing less sexy… Don’t correct him or sound like a know it all.

It’s also very important to play with intrigue! Make him realize that this isn’t your first rodeo and you’ve got plenty of know-how. BUT, do not start talking about your ex husband or your kids. The future is much more intriguing and exciting, and talking about responsibilities can be a buzz kill if it’s not being talked about at the appropriate time. Remember, seducing a younger guy should be based in excitement!

Also, don’t try too hard. Remain natural and show that you feel good in your skin. You don’t need try to dress like a 23 year old to attract a younger guy. Just wear things that you know are flattering and make you feel sexy.

Younger man older women relationships: He might pleasantly surprise you!

When you start dating the guy you’ve set your sights on, use all your experiences to make your relationship stronger and more fulfilling. Learn from the past and bring the good things with you!

I know that one typically thinks that the older person in the relationship will bring all the wisdom and experience, but you might be pleasantly surprised by your younger guy. As I was saying, the younger generation of men are different and generally are more forward thinking, open minded, and more in touch with themselves.

You might be caught off guard to see that he’s much more communicative and honest. If you think about it, he’s a cleaner slate and maybe hasn’t had the time to become jaded or hardened after multiple heartbreaks. Whether you’re just looking for some good fun, or if you’re looking for the one for you, you’re about to give this guy the time of his life!



Your relationship expert for how to seduce a younger man


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Getting back with your ex

I broke up with my boyfriend but I still want him: What do I do?

my bf and I broke up

It’s happened. You regret your decision to divorce or to break up with your ex. You’ve found yourself thinking about him all the time, missing his company and the memories you shared together. You’re looking at old photos and you start to think that your decision may have been a bit hasty. So now you’re wondering if that damage has been done and if it’s too late to get him back… You’re in luck because you’ve found an article that’s going to tell you how to get him back if I broke up with my boyfriend, and what exactly you need to do to succeed. In love anything is possible as long as you follow the rules I’m about to share with you!

I know that you might be feeling stressed out right now because you’ve become aware of the consequences of your actions. The man you love is no longer by your side because you had decided to leave him. He’s hurt, he’s angry, and you’re wondering if he could ever forgive you and take you back. In this article we will take a look at what he’s feeling, what to do to make him want you back, and what to expect along the ride. Heads up; it’s not an easy feat, but stick with it and you’ll see results sooner than you expect!

Important question: Why do you want to get your ex back after you broke up?

Before we go any further, I want you to take a moment to ask yourself why exactly you want to get back together with your ex if you left him. Be very honest with yourself because this is a huge decision. It impacts both of you on a huge scale!

I broke up with my boyfriend but I don’t like to see them this sad

I’ve been surprised to find that sometimes when I ask people this question, they start telling me, “I broke up with my boyfriend but I hate seeing my ex so upset!” The more we talk about it, the more I start to see that they are actually starting to wonder about asking him to return simply because they feel guilty. I saw this happen with one of my best friends.

He got back together with his ex because he didn’t like seeing her heartbroken, and then surprise, they separated again not longer after that. He wasn’t happy with the relationship so he broke up with her, then he took her back because she was sad, and then they broke up again because neither person was actually happy. You see the pointlessness…? Not to mention the emotional roller coaster… Asking an ex to come back after I broke up with him is very serious and should not be taken lightly.

I broke up with him but I’m lonely now

Maybe you didn’t realize that this is the case until you read that title. “Wait.. Do I really want to be with this person or do I just not want to be alone?”

Getting someone back should never be done just because you don’t like being alone. It’s unfair to both of you because you’re giving your ex false hope and you’re cheating yourself from being truly happy. Don’t play games. Besides, it’s imperative to be able to stand on your own two feet. There is an incredible amount of growth that happens when a person is alone for a while. No one says you should remain single forever, but it is really healthy. I know that I broke up with himdoesn’t sound very enticing when you’ve just broken up, but with some hindsight you see how important it really is.

If you’re feeling that this is the case for you, take some time to enjoy being on your own before you start working one trying to make your ex come back after you just broke up with boyfriend. Take some time to explore whether or not you’re emotionally dependent on this person or not. Do you need them in order to be happy? If the answer is yes, then it’s time to do a bit of work in the confidence department!

My boyfriend and I broke up but I’ve put things into perspective

Time heals wounds, believe me. A person can feel like their sadness will be eternal, but it won’t be.

Speaking of time… Do you want to find out how to get your ex back because enough time has passed for things to become clearer in your mind in terms of how you feel about this person? Are you realizing, we broke up but I still love him? Sometimes a little distance does wonders for getting rid of confusion. Relationships sometimes encounter obstacles and challenges that make a person feel overwhelmed. It’s not uncommon for someone to back out when the pressure becomes too much, and then regret their decision when they realize that they didn’t have to take it that far.

Perhaps you’ve just come to realize that this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with and it was a huge mistake to leave them.

Don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world. We can help you win your ex back!

The ugly truth after I split up with my boyfriend

Would you believe me if I told you that getting your ex back is actually going to be the easiest part of what awaits you? The truth is that if you follow the rules that I’ve listed in the second half of this article, you will be able to catch your ex’s attention and attract them back into your life. The tricky thing is going to be keeping them.

Once you’ve showed them why they should be with you, you’ll have to maintain it all. Break ups don’t happen without reason, so it’s going to be imperative that you pinpoint what wasn’t working and figure out long term solutions. If you convince your ex to return after ending a relationship with someone you love you will have to start a NEW relationship with them. The moment it starts to resemble the one that wasn’t working, separation will start looming over your heads again.

As with anything, there is no guarantee of success, but if you do your work, the odds will be in your favor.

I broke up with my bf: Why I need a plan ?

When you’re thinking of ways to get your ex back, never underestimate the importance of having a plan.

It’s a delicate process after I broke up with my boyfriend, so your actions need to be well organized and well thought out. If it’s not the case, you risk being messy and drifting further away from your goal. Designing a plan of action requires that you assess the situation and that you understand what exactly went wrong. Once you’ve done this, you’ll have more clarity.

Taking your time is one of the keys for how to get him to come back after you’ve split up with boyfriend and having a plan will ensure you take things slow. The worst thing you could do right now is to rush and to pressure your ex! Besides, if your ex takes you back, they need to feel that it was their idea, and not because you’ve pressured them into it.

Having a plan will also help you to keep calm and stay focused on what you’re doing.

Getting back together is a lot to think about, whether you’ve broken up with boyfriend or not, and if you’re just winging it chances are that you’ll panic, act out, and not respect certain rules that are in place to increase your chances of success. It’s kind of like if you have some important to be in half an hour, but you have no idea how to get there or where it is. You’re going to enter the destination into your GPS and get a clear picture of what you need to do instead of racing around all the streets trying to find the right one…

I broke up with my boyfriend but I’ll get him back if I DON’T do the following!breaking up with someone you still love

Getting an ex back will require that you avoid certain actions like the plague! You don’t want to give your ex reason to want to get away from you, right? So let’s take a look at some of the most important pieces of breaking up with someone you love advice. NOT doing these things is just as important as doing the things I recommend in the last portion of this article!

  • Begging. Oh man this is the worst. Whatever you do, do not blow up your ex’s phone right now. Both of you need space to breathe, and stifling your ex is just going to make them run for the hills.
  • Reasoning with them: Don’t try to convince your ex that they’d be better off with you. As I mentioned above, if they come back to you it has to be their decision. Sure, you can do your part to make them more likely to return, but they won’t do it if they don’t feel like it was their idea!
  • Showering them with I love you’s: Now is not the time to smother your ex with love. You left, they’re hurt, you’ve talked about your feelings enough for now.
  • Giving them gifts: Again, now is not the time. And what’s more, this makes you look desperate, or like you’re trying to buy their love back! You won’t win your ex’s heart back buying him new stuff. Seriously.

There are also some things that you must avoid doing for yourself when you want to get ex back. Sometimes people try to change for the other person… This is not going to help you because it’s not a genuine change that you decided you should make, and it puts pressure on you to use this change to satisfy your partner. Lasting improvements stick when they’re done for yourself.

Do not become idle when you’re wondering how to get my ex back! First of all, you’re not going to get your ex back by sitting on the couch, thinking, I broke up with him but I want him back. Second of all, idleness often leads to depression, which further prevents you from moving forward towards your goal. It becomes a negative cycle. You need to stay busy because that’s what’s going to bring you closer to your goals (both ex-oriented and not!)

And lastly, do not let your ex take advantage of you. Yes, you just broke up with boyfriend so you’re not quite being seen in the best light, but don’t let your ex use you. For example, if they ask you to do a bunch of things for them, say yes, but within reason. For example if they want you to go pick up their dry cleaning and pay for it and bring it to them…. Well… They might be milking the situation a bit – especially if they’ve picked up on the fact that you want them back. Be kind, be reasonable, but stand your ground as well. No one likes a doormat.

The 3 steps after breaking up with someone you still love!

Adhering to these rules and following these steps are going to be the determining factors in your attempt at getting back together with him after you left him. Well, that and the fact that nothing can be guaranteed. I’m not going to tell you that you will 100% for sure get back together. All I can do is give you the tools to significantly increase your chances of success.

I know this is hard when you break up but still in love, and there are all kinds of temptations to make mistakes, but you have to remain in control. You will be very happy you became such a master of self control when your ex is back in your arms!

1. The golden rule after I broke up with my boyfriend

If you’re not familiar with the no contact rule, read this article immediately because it’s going to be your best friend right now. The no contact rule explain here by Adrian a broke up expert is arguably the most successful tool for how to get my ex back. Why? Because it basically makes your ex fear losing you for good, and therefore makes him realize how much he actually wants you. I understand that he might be hurt and angry with you for leaving him, but once the anger subsides he will realize that he misses you.

How do I use the no contact rule when I have broken up with my boyfriend?

While you’re using this strategy, you do not get in touch with him in any way and you have to be very disciplined. A lot of people that use this tool end up failing because they can’t fight the temptation to contact their ex. This puts them right back at square one!

His reaction will vary, and you can read about what to expect in this article.

Get him back after you breaking up with boyfriend by attracting them from a distance. Trust me, it’s possible to do even if you’re not in touch. In fact, it’s even easier because you can use social media and word of mouth to your boyfriend and I broke upadvantage… By bringing positive change into your life and becoming visibly happier and more fulfilled, you immediately become more attractive to everyone around you. The key is to really focus on making your life the way you want it to be. Remind them of the person they fell in love with and become an even better version of them.

I broke up with my ex but I want him back: A word of caution…

Since your ex is the dumpee in this situation, be careful to not make it look like you’re just thrilled to be free of him. Post pictures of you with your closest friends instead of you with random guys. Post pictures of you trying your hand at photography instead of you partying in clubs.

During this time, focus on improvements. Go to the gym, focus on getting ahead in work, pick up an old hobby, and don’t forget to spend ample time with your friends and family. Getting an ex you leave is like killing two birds with one stone when you use the no contact rule. Not only do you vastly improve your life, but you make your ex miss you after breaking up with him.

Take some time to fully accept and understand the breakup. Accepting it allows you to move forward without being anchored in the past, and understanding why you broke up enables you to figure out solutions for the future. You two broke up for a reason so when you get back together, it can’t be the same as it was before.

I should mention; if you broke up with your ex boyfriend and you’re using the no contact rule, make sure you don’t use it for too long. Use your judgment. If your breakup was messy then you can use it for up to 3 months, but otherwise try to limit it to about 30 days.

2. Getting back in contact after I broke up with boyfriend

There are many different methods for getting back in touch to get back your ex. You can send a text message that is hard to resist replying to. For example, “You’ll never guess what I saw today…” When you get back in touch, conversation needs to remain light at first! It’s really important, because you don’t want your ex to feel pressured or stressed out about what’s happening.

You could also try the “empty text” trick that’s a bit less sure fire but effective nonetheless. You send an empty message to your ex and chances are that they’ll respond to you asking what you meant to send. You can play it off as an accident but start talking to them anyway! Getting my ex back even if I broke up with my boyfriend isn’t impossible as long as you reintroduce contact slowly and gently.

If you’re wondering, “Should I call him after breakup and you’ve let some time pass, then yes! That’s a good way to go as well. You can call him up to see how he’s doing, you could “accidentally” bump into him somewhere. Greet him with an inviting smile, keep conversation light and focused on the good things you’ve got going on, and look your best. That said; don’t blow up his phone once you’re back in touch! Let him breathe.

When you get back in contact to get your ex back after breaking up but still in love, avoid talking about the relationship and about the breakup! Don’t say anything like, “I miss you,” or, “I’m sorry and I just want you back!” When you meet up, do NOT call it a date or else your ex will immediately put his guard up. You want to rebuild complicity and trust now. Your desires and the relationship will come up in conversation eventually, so let it happen naturally as you rebuild your bond.

The key for fixing things after I broke up with him: Taking things slow

As I just said, the focus should be on rebuilding the complicity between you. You’ll have the opportunity to apologize if you had done something wrong, and offer solutions to the issues that your relationship had been facing. Getting back together after you break up with someone you love is not an easy task, especially if you’re the one that broke their heart, but in love nothing is impossible.

Start doing new things together. You want to introduce something fresh and new so that your ex feels that they’re not stepping right back into something that’s going to hurt them (they don’t want to re experience the relationship that ended up with them being broken up with.) If you want to get back with ex you have to make them want to start a new relationship with you!

Taking things slowly allows you to handle things as they come up and to practice pattern breaking. If something comes up that is reminiscent of the issues you were having in your relationship, take the time to incorporate your solutions. Taking your time also helps with the pressure that comes with piecing things back together. You want everything to be perfect this time so sometimes you feel overwhelmed.

I broke up but I still love him: Patience is a virtue!

In summary, if you left your boyfriend and you want him back, you’re going to have to be determined yet patient at the same time. There’s no sense in rushing, begging, or pressuring. Time is going to let tensions and pain heal while allowing you to change what needs to be changed. You can become a better version of yourself and in the I just broke up with my boyfriendprocess you’ll be able to offer a better relationship to your ex. With some distance, you’ll eventually be able to propose proper solutions that ensure that your relationship is even more solid than it was before.

As I explained, getting over a breakup when you broke it off, and getting the man you love back is the easy part. The hard part is maintaining the new relationship and not falling back into past problems. Once you and your ex are back together, you must ensure that you both communicate with one another about what you are happy with and what you feel needs improvement. Neither of you can read the other’s mind!

Be open and honest when you two begin talking about your relationship and breakup and be attentive when your ex opens up to you. Ask them questions and offer solutions. Show them that you want to improve things for both of you and that you’re willing to do the work. Don’t make the mistake of getting your ex back and letting things deteriorate just as they did before.

As always, if you want one on one guidance when you’re thinking I broke up with my boyfriend now I want him back, get in touch with us today by leaving your comment on this article or by visiting our coaching page!



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Finding the one

How to seduce a man with these 10 surefire tips from a Pro!

seduce a guy

Are you wondering how to seduce a man that you’ve got your eye on? Perhaps you’re looking for ways to spice up your relationship and to have some fun. Whether you’re ready to become the seductress you’ve always wanted to be or you want to get back in touch with her, this article will show you some of our best tips to ignite the passion between you and your guy! Be sure to check out this article on how to get a guy to kiss you to maximize your results and become even more irresistible in his eyes. These 10 tricks for sparking the desire in your man will make it very hard for him to keep his hands off you, and they will also make you feel sexier than ever!

Whether we are talking about the guy you like, your new boyfriend, or your husband of twenty years, let’s have some fun and make him putty in your hands. There’s something so empowering and so exhilarating about seeing the lust in his eyes. Passion is such an important part of relationships! It can take things to the next level and help you to bond. Seduction, when kept alive in your relationship, is what makes things continue to feel fresh and exciting and it continually reinforces your connection. Besides, it’s just plain fun!

What does it mean to seduce someone and why is seduction so important between two people?

Passion in a relationship is more important than a lot of people realize. Yes, it’s fun, and yes, it’s thrilling, but it actually goes further than that. In the very beginning, attraction which is a result of seduction, is what brings two people closer.

As the relationship matures, seduction tips are often forgotten. The problem is that something that played such a big role in bringing two people together can’t just be neglected. Otherwise both partners start to feel a certain void and they become dissatisfied. People need to feel wanted and desired, and sometimes women forget the importance of seducing men, even after years of being together.

It’s also healthy to build up physical tension between you and your partner so that you can experience a satisfying release together. When you’re wondering how to seduce a man, you have to ensure that you feel seductive while catering to what he likes specifically.

If you want to take it a step further and learn how to turn a guy on, read this  immediately..!

Seduce a guy at any stage of your relationship: The key!

Seducing a man isn’t rocket science. Men typically are excited by certain things like touch, a little bit of the chase, innovation, and of course you as a person. Beyond these things, pay attention to what you guy is saying in conversation so that you can pinpoint more specific things that could turn him on. For example, if he’s someone that loves surfing, you can start to think about the possibilities to get closer to him if you invite him to be alone together on a beach. If he’s a foodie, prepare a delicious dinner for him and after having incorporated some of the tips you’ll find below, see if you guys even make it to dessert…!

Seduce your man: The ultimate yet never-ending goal!

Seducing a man should be done throughout your entire relationship. It’s the key to creating a long-lasting, happy bond!

Whether you’ve been with this guy for 2 weeks or 10 years, don’t underestimate the power of flirtation. The best way to seduce a man is to let him start to see that you want him. Men love to feel desired and see that they have an effect on a woman. What better way to make him want you than to show him that he turns you on!

By the way, if you want to succeed in seducing him, you must make sure you think about how to charm a man. To do so, you will have to pay attention to what he responds positively to, and bring your self confidence into play. He’ll undoubtedly notice when you’re aware of your attractive features and characteristics, especially if you’re able to pair it with an inviting personality. It’s a delicate balance between “the chase” and luring him in, but men love to chase goals that they feel are attainable.

Physical touch and body language for making a man want you

One of the fastest ways to seduce a man is bring your focus to the power of touch. Remember, you want to build anticipation!

Begin to seduce man with your body language. Look him in the eyes, face him when you’re talking, keep your arms uncrossed… Let him pick up on the desire in your eyes for a moment. You can continue to tease him a bit here. Let’s continue a bit with the dinner setting. Say you’re at a restaurant, sitting across from each other. If your drink has a straw, play with it with your tongue a bit while looking right at him. Do it just long enough for him to notice and then stop. You want him to start thinking about your lips, and make him want more.

As you’re talking, lean in a bit. It shows him he’s got your attention, and chances are he’ll mirror you and lean in as well. Now you’re getting closer to seducing a guy

You can even slip one of your shoes off and lightly run your foot along his leg. Either smirk at him as you continue conversation, or pretend that nothing is happening under the table for a moment before you flash him a teasing smile.

By the way, smiles work wonders when you’re working on how to turn a guy on!

When thinking about ways to seduce boyfriend, try the massage technique. Offer to give him a massage after a long, hard day at work (even if his day was totally fine.) Have him lay on his stomach and once he feels your hands on him his mind will start to wander!

How to woo a man by flirting with him and making him weak in the knees!

Flirtation is pretty much always present at the beginning of a relationship, as it should be, but then it forgotten about once two partners become comfortable with one another. If you’ve been with your man for a long time, when’s the last time you teased him or flirted with him? Don’t underestimate the power of a mischievous smirk and a light touch on his chest when you’re talking. One of the easiest ways to entice a man is via touch, so don’t hesitate to slip a hand under his shirt and whisper something in his ear, whether it’s G rated or not…

how to seduce a man

Being confident is also a huge turn on for men, so when you’re wondering how to seduce my guy, don’t be reluctant to be assertive. It’s a perfect way to build sexual tension… The next time you two go out together, put on something you know he’ll compliment you on. You can look him square in the eyes and tease him by saying something along the lines of, “If you behave yourself tonight perhaps I’ll let you see a bit more…” Give him a smoldering look and a smirk before you turn on your heel and strut to the car.

Speaking of making him drool, make sure to check out this article on how to be a seductress!

Seduce him with your independence!

When we’re talking about how to seduce someone, we tend to focus on what to do when you’re together. Truth be told, you can make a guy want you even when you’re not physically in the same place. The trick is to show him that you don’t actually need him.

I know it might sound funny when you first read that, but think about it. You’re a strong, busy woman who is enjoying her life, seeing her friends, focusing on her projects. Think about that song Independent Women by Destiny’s Child for example! You’re not always calling him and you don’t always have time to see him. When you do see him, he feels excited that he’s finally gotten you all to himself, so it’s automatically easier for you to seduce him!

Instead of focusing on the relationship and on just always being together, shift your focus to spending special moments together, and to experiencing new things. Freshness is one of the most alluring elements a relationship can have. This is really important because a lot of women tend to fixate on the relationship (and not on how to charm a guy and keep things exciting,) and in turn end up letting it become a bit stale!

Tips on how to entice a man: New relationships vs established relationships

While most tips on how to seduce men in this article work no matter how long you’ve been in a relationship, some work a little bit better in specific situations. Let’s take a look at what you can zero in on based on what stage of the relationship you are in!

Here’s how to seduce a man when you’ve just started dating

Along with body language and physical touch, the beginning stages of a relationship contain a lot of uncharted territory. This is great, because it gives you all kinds of tools to work with! You’re still in the process of getting to know what another, so you can seduce him by sharing exciting things that he doesn’t know about you yet.

For example, you can start introducing conversations about what you find attractive about one another, and then talk about the kinds of physical attributes (that he has!) that you like. Pro tip for how to seduce a man: Get him thinking about your bodies…

At this stage, it’s important to not throw yourself at him! You don’t want to seem desperate or obsessed. A bit of space and taking things slow is the best route, because you make him want you more and more as the sexual tension builds.

When you’re going out with him, try to leave a bit to the imagination in terms of your outfit. If you opt for a low cut top, don’t wear a mini skirt. Choose one thing you’d like to show off, and leave him wanting to see more! And like I said above, men like a bit of a challenge so make him work for it! Don’t deliver it all on a silver platter right off the bat…

If you’ve been together for a while, leave a lingerie catalogue out for him with a gift card attached to it. Leave a note on top saying, “You choose.”

Speaking of how to spice things up once you’re already in an established relationship, let’s talk about how can you seduce a man!

Pro tips on how to seduce husband

Once you’ve been together with someone for a long time, the male seduction game becomes a little bit more challenging. Perhaps you’ve settled into a routine, or you just don’t really carve the time out for romance anymore.

You know, seducing your man is one of the best ways to keep the fire alive in your relationship. There’s no reason why the passion should dwindle. You clearly love each other, so bring back the excitement! Feeling desired and sexually satisfied ensures that you two are still feeling connected. Even just an affectionate touch can release a hormone called oxytocin, aka the “love hormone.” It’s a bonding chemical that increases attachment and trust between two people, so I think you see why this is important in your relationship!

Women sometimes don’t talk enough about what they want from their partner in bed. We have a certain hesitancy in terms of sharing desires and fantasies. If you haven’t been vocal with your partner about what you like and what secret desires you might have, start letting him in! One of the best techniques to seduce a man is taking him off guard with a steamy ‘confession’ or trying something new in bed.

Tell him you’ve been fantasizing about doing something naughty with him in public… In an elevator, or in the car for example. One the best seduction tips to seduce men is to get his imagination going and you will have his undivided attention!

Make a treasure hunt for him when he gets home from work one evening. Leave a note that reads, “Follow the rose petals” and have them lead him to you in the bathtub surrounded by candles. Invite him in to join you.

Text him something steamy while he’s at work, or better yet, a photo of you wearing something lacey! “See you tonight, handsome…”

How to seduce your boyfriend or your crush using the 5 senses + your imagination!

So what are some ways to seduce your man on an everyday basis you ask? I’ve compiled some things you can implement in even the most mundane moments and leave your man begging for more!

Men respond best to visual stimulation, but that doesn’t mean that the other 4 senses can’t be used as ways to seduce! After all, we use these senses every day, so why not take full advantage?

The sense of sight: Look your best to seduce your boyfriend

As I just said, men respond well to visual stimuli so let him feast his eyes upon you… But not all of you. Remember above how I was talking about not showing too much skin? Less is more, especially in the early phases of dating someone.

Studies have shown that both men and women seem to associate the color red with passion and desire. No one is quite sure why… Perhaps because it makes us think of red roses or Valentine’s Da

y. Whatever the reason may be, use it to your advantage! Another one of the best ways to seduce man is catching his attention with what’s on your body. On your next date, wear a red dress or a red blouse. Red lipstick looks great but the problem is that sometimes it makes men less prone to kissing you as they don’t want red smeared all over their face…

Wear clothes that are flattering on your body, regardless of the amount of skin you’re showing. You want to feel comfortable and confident, and what’s more, let him see that you feel good in your skin. Loving yourself is one of the easiest ways to sexually seduce a man.

Seduction tips and he underestimated power of the sense of smell

Obviously you want to smell good and have fresh breath, but the sense of smell goes much further than just hygiene. If you’re looking for sexy ideas for how to seduce a man, start thinking about getting him addicted to your scent. Every single person has a specific scent, and once you get close enough to smell it, you can get hooked. This isn’t something we often think about because it’s a subconscious, primal instinct, but that doesn’t mean we can’t play with it.

So how to seduce him just using his sense of smell? Easy. When you’re saying goodbye at the end of an evening, hug him and let it linger for a bit. Give him a moment to actually be close to you and subconsciously pick up on the intimacy of being so close to your skin.

Similarly, if there’s a perfume that you like wearing, spray a small amount of it into you

r hair and put it up in a ponytail. When you’re next to him, let your hair down and he’ll get a surprise whiff of your signature scent and he’ll instantly feel closer to you. You’ve heard that smell is the strongest sense tied to memory? Well use it for how to seduce a guy!

Or, spray a tiny amount in the crease of your arm at home. Later, when you see him, ask him what he thinks of your new perfume. You want the scent to be so faint that he has to keep his face close to your skin for a little moment before he can really smell it. You’ll have an intimate moment where his lips are close to your skin…

Sound: How to seduce a man with words

As I had written above, sometimes women don’t talk about what turns them on to their guy. What better way to seduce your man than to whisper something unexpectedly naughty in their ear?

You can do it when you’re alone, but you could also do it in public. While you’re with friends, whisper what you want to do to him later, and then continue talking your conversation with the others. He will be wondering if he heard that correctly and his interest will be sparked. I bet he’ll have trouble concentrating on the rest of the conversation with the group after that!

While we’re on the subject, one of the best ways for seducing a man in bed, is by simply being more vocal. Let him hear you enjoying it and be more vocal about what you like and want more of! If you’re not usually one to do so, catch him off guard with a little dirty talk. Putty. In. Your. to seduce a man

Also, don’t forget the importance of conversation. Get to know your man by asking him questions that allow you to learn about his personality, his goals, his past and the things he likes. Really knowing one another creates an even deeper level of intimacy.

Ways women seduce men: Using the sense of taste

One of the most exciting seductive tips I’ve heard recently is busting out the blindfold. It doesn’t just have to be in bed; you can tie it around your man’s eyes and start feeding him. Have him guess what he’s getting next and little by little you can start paying more attention to his lips.

If you’re giving him a cherry, let it graze his lips. Then, when he least expects it, instead of getting something to eat, let him feel your lips against his. The element of surprise, the blindfold, and the fact that you’re so in control will definitely turn him on.

Women who seduce are masters of their self confidence, and the element of excitement. You can use all kinds of things in your every day life to build anticipation and desire!

You should never let go of your individuality. For a truly satisfying and exciting relationship, you should give more than just love. You also want to inspire your man! A common mistake that people make is forgetting about their own personality and their originality, and becoming too similar to their partner. This leads to a sort of boredom in the relationship that can be easily avoidable!

Tips for seduction: Make use of the sense of touch!

As I wrote earlier, the power of touch is one of the most effective things when you’re wondering how to seduce a man. You can convey so much simply by being tactile. A hand on his arm when he makes you laugh, or your lips against his neck (depending on your situation.)

If it’s the earliest stages of your endeavor, you’ll want to opt for more subtle seduction techniques such as conversation, light touches, and body language. In conversation you want him to know that you’re genuinely interested in him, and make him want to continue sharing details about himself with you. If he’s telling you about his hobby, ask him pertinent questions and let him know that you’re paying attention.

Use body language to invite him closer, and don’t hesitate to touch him when the opportunity presents itself. Seducing men becomes easier when you incorporate touch!

That said, be careful not to overdo it! Avoid touching him incessantly because it can get weird. Instead, catch him off guard with your leg touching his under the table.

If you’re in a more established relationship you can seduce your boyfriend by touching him in ways he wouldn’t expect! Be playful and daring so that you can keep the excitement alive. Two partners should never stop trying to seduce one another because it makes each person feel desired. It’s easy to lose sight of seduction in a relationship, but it’s also easy to reintroduce it so get started today!

Each person is unique so of course the time it’s going to take to master the art of how to seduce a man is going to vary. Don’t be afraid to try, but at the same time, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Practice makes perfect!

Remember you can reach out to us for custom tips for your specific situation that can help you go above and beyond! If you want to know more about one on one coaching, get in touch with us today right here. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

All my best

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